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Save Money on Home Insurance

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SureHitsSureHits will show you competitive home insurance rates in your area from major providers.

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Check Local Providers

InsureMeHome insurance can be confusing so often it is good to talk with a local agent to make sure you're fully covered. InsureMe will put you in contact with local agents in your area.

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Find Discounts

Insurers will usually give you a discount on your policy if you meet certain criteria for things such as burglary systems, dead-bolt locks, non-smokers, etc.

Purchase Auto Insurance from the Same Insurer

Some insurance companies will give you a discount if you purchase both home and auto insurance from them.

Research Before Buying

Before purchasing a new home, research how your home insurance will be affected by factors such as location and house condition.

Review Your Credit History

Your credit score affects your ability to get a good policy. Review your credit history to ensure it is accurate. Make sure you have paid off as many debts as possible to increase your credit score.

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