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Frequently Asked Questions

Last Updated: October 19, 2010

We receive a lot of similar questions about our printable calendars and other content. Hopefully the answer you are looking for is listed below. If not, you're welcome to contact us know using our contact page.

How do I print a calendar?

We have lots of web pages with printable calendars! On each calendar page you will see a button in the upper-right corner that says Print. Simply press this and it should open a new window with your printer settings where you can print the calendar. You can also print by selecting File in your browser's menu and then clicking on Print.

Why don't the calendars fill the entire page when I print?

When you print a calendar off our web page, it often will not fill the entire sheet of paper. This is by design because printing a web page is not always consistent across various web browsers and operating systems. We have to provide some margin to make sure no one prints a calendar that is too big for the page.

To overcome this limitation, we do offer PDF versions of our calendars that do fill an entire page. If a PDF calendar is available for a month, a PDF Version button will appear in the upper-right corner of the page. Viewing and printing PDF documents requires Adobe Reader (which comes pre-installed on most computers). If needed, Adobe Reader can be downloaded and installed for free from here.

Update: Both Internet Explorer and Firefox have a Print Preview window where you can choose to scale the size of whatever you are printing. So if the calendar is printing too small, go to print preview and increase the scale percentage. Internet Explorer users can read this article for more information.

Why do some calendars not have an option to print a PDF version of the calendar?

As an added service to our visitors, we offer PDF versions of our calendars in both portrait and landscape formats. These versions allow us to create a calendar that fills an entire page and will print consistently across all web browsers and operating systems. Unfortunately we create these calendars manually so if the PDF button is missing, it means we haven't created that calendar yet. We usually create PDF calendars for at least a couple months in advance.

Is your mailing list free?

Yes, our mailing list is completely free and will always be free. We currently send an email once a month with a printable calendar attached. We DO NOT distribute your email address.

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